Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dreamweaver CS5.5: Container or Wrapper Div Tags

A container div tag or wrapper div tag is a regular tag that you place  around other divs and elements in the page. Container divs are frequently used to create fixed-width pages. The opening container div tag is usually the first tag below the body tag in the page code and the closing container div tag is usually the last tag before the closing body tag.
Do this in order

To insert a div tag into the home page:
1. click the <body> tag.
2. open the insert panel, and in the "Layout" category, click the Insert Div Tag button.
3. first things to be set up: Box width, margin, and border.

after container tag, next "content" tag:
1. click the "container" tag
2. common category-insert div tag, select "After start of tag"

Source: News Perspectives Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5 by Kelly Hart and Mitch Geller.

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